Sabina Feroci: Views & Talks

Short documentary.
Akio Takemoto and I started working on the scupltress Sabina Feroci in summer 2013. Since then we made a 30’ documentary focused on her technique. It has been shown at Sabina’s exhibitions around the world by the InArt Space Gallery of Taiwan.
Art and its representation on film are a pivotal problem when we try to see the beauty. The creative process is not a mind thing, as Godard stated in One Plus One : it’s a structural, working process rooted into bodies and matter. When we look at an artist while he’s working we can see her every-day face.

Directed by Enrico Turci and Akio Takemoto.
Sound by Luca Bernieri.
Edited by Enrico Turci.
Music by Michele Ducci.
Stereo sound - colours - mp4 - 16:9 - 1080p
Duration 30’.
Italy, 2013/2014.