Discours de la méthode

Short live-action movie.
Selected at the Festival Mundial de Cine Extremo de Veracruz 2018 and Le Jour Le Plus Court 2018 in Brussels.

When desire is the guide to our actions in this world, if a man looks for solutions, he gets lost in reflections.
A short moral tale adapted to the contemporary stalemate in moral beliefs. A strong nostalgic idea of Past, a scared and ambitious conception of Future, we’re stuck in the middle. The Middle Age. Descartes sort us out of it, claiming the individual: cogito ergo sum. With a pinch of irony, this movie is the film adaptation of Descartes’ book Discours de la méthode.

Written and directed by Enrico Turci.
Starring Mikael di Marzo, Léa Lnafranchi, Majlinda Agaj, Katia Brandel, Hugo Ramos.
Stereo sound - colours - mp4 - 16:9 - 1080p.
Duration 15’.
Produced by the Atelier Jeunes Cinéastes, in Brussels, 2018.