Bello Essere Habesha

Short documentary.

Bello Essere Habesha is a documentary movie shot in 2012, dealing with the identity of Eritrean and Ethiopian people who live in Bologna, Italy.
Enrico Turci, Akio Takemoto and Inês Vieira shared with this community a whole summer and the documentary is, somehow, collateral to this meeting, to this moment of life.
Bello Essere Habesha approaches to lives with an observing participation, letting people tell their stories and ideas.

This documentary film emerged as a part of Inês Vieira’s PhD empirical stage in Bologna, 2012.
Screened at many festivals (Festival International du Court Métrage à Clermont-Ferrand, Conlab 2015, Orecomm Festival, VIAEMILI@DOCFEST…).